Open source projects

  • DI
    library golang

    Dependency injection framework for applications written in Go. It handles the life cycle of the objects in your application. Using dependency injection improves the testability of your application.

    library golang

    Generator of typed dependency injection containers for Go programs. It relies on sarulabs/di to manage the life cycle of the services in your application. It greatly improves the comfort of use of the di containers.

Unmaintained projects

  • Statix

    library golang

    Asset management for web applications written in Go. Apply filters to your images, javascript files or any other static resources and easily retrieve their URL to include them in your web pages.

  • Hydre

    application docker golang

    Hydre allows you to run several commands in a docker container. It can be used to run PHP and ningx in the same container for example. It handles the logs and the termination of the commands.

  • Tmpl-js

    library javascript

    Template engine for javascript. Enhance HTML by bringing new tags to implement everything your can expect from a template engine, with variables, conditions, loops and even template inheritance.

  • Usine

    experiment javascript

    Class system for javascript ECMAScript 5. Classes only appeared in javascript in 2015 with ECMAScript 6. This was an experiment to bring classes to javascript before they were standardized.